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The Safety and Immunogenicity of GTU (R) MultiHIV DNA Vaccine Delivered by Transcutaneous and Intramuscular Injection With or Without Electroporation in HIV-1 Positive Subjects on Suppressive ART

Haidari, G; Day, S; Wood, M; Ridgers, H; Cope, A; Fleck, S; Yan, C; … Shattock, RJ; + view all Haidari, G; Day, S; Wood,...

miR-181a/b-1 controls thymic selection of Treg cells and tunes their suppressive capacity

by Marcin Łyszkiewicz, Samantha J. Winter, Katrin Witzlau, Lisa Föhse, Rebecca Brownlie, Jacek Puchałka, Nikita A. Verheyden, Heike Kunze-Schumacher, Esther Imelmann, Jonas Blume, Solaiman Raha,...

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