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The STRong lensing Insights into the Dark Energy Survey (STRIDES) 2017/2018 follow-up campaign: discovery of 10 lensed quasars and 10 quasar pairs

Lemon, C; Auger, MW; McMahon, R; Anguita, T; Apostolovski, Y; Chen, GC-F; Fassnacht, CD; … Walker, AR; + view all Lemon, C; Auger, MW; McMahon,...
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Can't Exercise? Here's How To Keep You Heart Strong During Lockdown

A healthy heart leads to a long and healthy life. Here are some diet tips you can follow to make sure that would always stay...

Strong Support for Amyloid as Dementia Prevention Target

The first published data from the ‘A4’ trial show strong support for amyloid as an Alzheimer’s prevention target. Medscape Medical News Source link...

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