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NF1-cAMP signaling dissociates cell type–specific contributions of striatal medium spiny neurons to reward valuation and motor control

by Laurie P. Sutton, Brian S. Muntean, Olga Ostrovskaya, Stefano Zucca, Maria Dao, Cesare Orlandi, Chenghui Song, Keqiang Xie, Kirill A. Martemyanov The striatum plays...

Striatal dopamine transporter abnormalities associated with midbrain hemiatrophy

Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) with a dopamine transporter-specific radiotracer, [123I]-N-ω-fluoropropyl-2β-carbomethoxy-3β-(4-iodophenyl) nortropane ([123I]-FP-CIT), is widely used to evaluate presynaptic nigrostriatal degeneration. Direct ischemic changes...

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