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Uncovering and resolving challenges of quantitative modeling in a simplified community of interacting cells

by Samuel F. M. Hart, Hanbing Mi, Robin Green, Li Xie, Jose Mario Bello Pineda, Babak Momeni, Wenying Shou Quantitative modeling is useful for predicting...

Resolving the apparent transmission paradox of African sleeping sickness

by Paul Capewell, Katie Atkins, William Weir, Vincent Jamonneau, Mamadou Camara, Caroline Clucas, Nono-Raymond K. Swar, Dieudonne M. Ngoyi, Brice Rotureau, Paul Garside, Alison P....
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Resolving the ISM at the Peak of Cosmic Star Formation with ALMA: The Distribution of CO and Dust Continuum in z similar to 2.5 Submillimeter Galaxies

Rivera, GC; Hodge, JA; Smail, I; Swinbank, AM; Weiss, A; Wardlow, JL; Walter, F; … van der Werf, PP; + view all Rivera, GC; Hodge,...

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