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Discovery of genes required for body axis and limb formation by global identification of retinoic acid–regulated epigenetic marks

by Marie Berenguer, Karolin F. Meyer, Jun Yin, Gregg Duester Identification of target genes that mediate required functions downstream of transcription factors is hampered by...

The receptor tyrosine kinase Ror is required for dendrite regeneration in <i>Drosophila</i> neurons

by Derek M. R. Nye, Richard M. Albertson, Alexis T. Weiner, J. Ian Hertzler, Matthew Shorey, Deborah C. I. Goberdhan, Clive Wilson, Kevin A. Janes,...
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Tuberculous meningitis: new tools and new approaches required [version 1; peer review: not peer reviewed]

Seddon, JA; Thwaites, GE; Aarnoutse, RE; Anderson, STB; Bahr, NC; Bang, ND; Boulware, DR; … Wilkinson, RJ; + view all Seddon, JA; Thwaites, GE; Aarnoutse,...

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