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‘Smile with your eyes’: How to beat South Korea’s AI hiring bots and land a job – Reuters

‘Smile with your eyes’: How to beat South Korea’s AI hiring bots and land a job  Reuters Source link...

Liposuction of the Trunk Before and After Pictures – San Francisco Bay Area

Liposuction of the Trunk, in order of popularity includes liposculpture of the: abdomen flanks (sides) back chest If you have disproportionate collections of fat in...

Hi, on your flickr page you posted some photos of a lot of cow bones (and a deer carcass too) on a field, some of the cow skeletons still have skin on them. What's the story behind those pictures? I like your uploads on flickr, so many interesting things to look at. it's a bit sad there's no captions!!

Hi! Yeah I have thought I should organize that flickr account (here) at some point…too many pics though.  Cattle mentioned are in my “found deads” album....

New tool streamlines the creation of moving pictures

It’s often easy to imagine balloons soaring or butterflies fluttering across a still image, but realizing this vision through computer animation is easier said than...

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