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Delay-period activity in frontal, parietal, and occipital cortex tracks noise and biases in visual working memory

by Qing Yu, Matthew F. Panichello, Ying Cai, Bradley R. Postle, Timothy J. Buschman Working memory is imprecise, and these imprecisions can be explained by...

In-Depth Look at the Anatomical Relationship of the Lesser Occipital Nerve, Great Auricular Nerve, and Spinal Accessory Nerve and Their Implication in Safety of Operations in the Posterior Triangle of the Neck

Background: Migraine surgery is an increasingly popular treatment option for migraine patients. The lesser occipital nerve is a common trigger point for headache abnormalities, but...

Single-cell selectivity and functional architecture of human lateral occipital complex

by Thomas Decramer, Elsie Premereur, Mats Uytterhoeven, Wim Van Paesschen, Johannes van Loon, Peter Janssen, Tom Theys The human lateral occipital complex (LOC) is more...

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