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CANARY FEATHERS (serinus canaria) solution CATTLE EPITHELIA (bos taurus) solution CHICKEN FEATHERS (gallus gallus) solution DOG EPITHELIA (canis lupus familiaris) solution DUCK FEATHERS (anas platyrhynchos) solution GUINEA PIG EPITHELIA (cavia porcellus) solution GOOSE FEATHERS (anser anser) solution GERBIL EPITHELIA (meriones unguiculatus) solution RAT EPITHELIA (rattus norvegicus) solution MOUSE EPITHELIA (mus musculus) solution HORSE EPITHELIA (equus caballus) solution MIXED FEATHERS (gallus gallus, anas platyrhynchos and anser anser) solution GOAT EPITHELIA (capra hircus) solution RABBIT EPITHELIA (oryctolagus cuniculus) solution SILK WORM (bombyx mori) solution HAMSTER EPITHELIA (mesocricetus auratus) solution HOG EPITHELIA (sus scrofa) solution PARAKEET FEATHERS (melopsitticus undulatus) solution [Greer Laboratories, Inc.]

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