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Microfluidics of binary liquid mixtures with temperature-dependent miscibility

Fornerod, MJ; Amstad, E; Guldin, S; (2019) Microfluidics of binary liquid mixtures with temperature-dependent miscibility. Molecular Systems Design & Engineering 10.1039/c9me00127a . (In press). Green...
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Novel sensor could accelerate diagnosis of sepsis

A novel sensor designed by MIT researchers could dramatically accelerate the process of diagnosing sepsis, a leading cause of death in U.S. hospitals that kills...

Cell aging preserves cellular immortality in the presence of lethal levels of damage

by Audrey Menegaz Proenca, Camilla Ulla Rang, Andrew Qiu, Chao Shi, Lin Chao Cellular aging, a progressive functional decline driven by damage accumulation, often culminates...

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