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Bringing Light Into the Dark: A Large-scale Evaluation of Knowledge Graph Embedding Models Under a Unified Framework. (arXiv:2006.13365v1 [cs.LG])

The heterogeneity in recently published knowledge graph embedding models’ implementations, training, and evaluation has made fair and thorough comparisons difficult. In order to assess the...

Large-scale death of retinal astrocytes during normal development is non-apoptotic and implemented by microglia

by Vanessa M. Puñal, Caitlin E. Paisley, Federica S. Brecha, Monica A. Lee, Robin M. Perelli, Jingjing Wang, Emily G. O’Koren, Caroline R. Ackley, Daniel...

First Large-Scale Study of Universal Screening for Autism Raises Critical Questions about Accuracy, Equity

In the first large, real-world study of universal screening for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in toddlers, researchers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) have found...

Single-molecule correlated chemical probing reveals large-scale structural communication in the ribosome and the mechanism of the antibiotic spectinomycin in living cells

by Arnab Sengupta, Greggory M. Rice, Kevin M. Weeks The ribosome moves between distinct structural states and is organized into multiple functional domains. Here, we...
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BlueNalu Announces First-of-its-Kind Commercialization Strategy and Facility Designs for Large-Scale Production of Cell-Based Seafood

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BlueNalu, a leading innovative food company producing seafood directly from fish cells, announced today its commercialization strategy and food facility design schematics for...

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