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Resting-state brain and spinal cord networks in humans are functionally integrated

by Shahabeddin Vahdat, Ali Khatibi, Ovidiu Lungu, Jürgen Finsterbusch, Christian Büchel, Julien Cohen-Adad, Veronique Marchand-Pauvert, Julien Doyon In the absence of any task, both the...
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Study: Stray Dogs Potentially Brought Coronavirus To Humans

A new study suggests that dogs potentially brought the novel coronavirus to humans after eating the dead carcasses of infected bats. Source link...
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New coronavirus possibly circulated within humans before COVID-19 pandemic

Genetic variation analysis and the evidence of recombination events point towards the conclusion that severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) might have circulated cryptically...

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