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By minimizing close contact, this robot food delivery startup is filling a vital gap amid coronavirus

Refraction AI, a robot delivery startup by two professors at the University of Michigan, is having its moment during the coronavirus pandemic. With severe disruptions...

Thinking small: Next-generation sensor networks close the size gap in vertebrate biologging

by Simon P. Ripperger, Gerald G. Carter, Rachel A. Page, Niklas Duda, Alexander Koelpin, Robert Weigel, Markus Hartmann, Thorsten Nowak, Jörn Thielecke, Michael Schadhauser, Jörg...

Early visual motion experience shapes the gap junction connections among direction selective ganglion cells

by Li Zhang, Qiwen Wu, Yifeng Zhang Gap junction connections between neurons play critical roles in the development of the nervous system. However, studies on...

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