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Low frequency electroencephalogram oscillations govern left-eye lateralization during anti-predatory responses in the music frog [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Jiangyan Shen, Ke Fang, Ping Liu, Yanzhu Fan, Jing Yang, Di Shen, Jinjin Song, and Guangzhan Fang Visual lateralization is widespread for prey and anti-predation...
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Biological Properties of a Novel Multifunctional Host Defense Peptide from the Skin Secretion of the Chaco Tree Frog, Boana raniceps

Correia Santana, CJ; Martins Magalhaes, AC; Prias-Marquez, CA; Falico, DA; dos Santos Junior, ACM; Lima, BD; Ornelas Ricart, CA; … Castro, MS; + view all...

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