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COMMENTARY: COVID-19 Diary Day 5: Facing Deployment

Don Dizon talks with colleagues about the anxiety surrounding their pending deployment in the ‘war against COVID-19.’ Source link...
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COMMENTARY: COVID-19 Diary Day 3: Facing the Prospect of Dying Alone

After planning for staffing and patient management at his institution, oncologist Don Dizon reflects on his personal risk in managing COVID-19-positive patients. Source link...

Consequences of being phenotypically mismatched with the environment: no evidence of oxidative stress in cold and warm acclimated birds facing a cold spell [RESEARCH ARTICLE]

Ana Gabriela Jimenez, Emily Cornelius Ruhs, Kailey J. Tobin, Katie N. Anderson, Audrey Le Pogam, Lyette Regimbald, and Francois Vezina Seasonal changes in maximal thermogenic...

New website powered by St. Jude informs families facing childhood cancer no matter where the patient receives treatment

The Together website by St. Jude offers information about diseases, diagnosis and treatment options, as well as supportive care resources and shared stories of hope,...

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