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BMPR2 acts as a gatekeeper to protect endothelial cells from increased TGFβ responses and altered cell mechanics

by Christian Hiepen, Jerome Jatzlau, Susanne Hildebrandt, Branka Kampfrath, Melis Goktas, Arunima Murgai, Jose Luis Cuellar Camacho, Rainer Haag, Clemens Ruppert, Gerhard Sengle, Elisabetta Ada...

Researchers receive $3.2 million NIH grant to pursue a deeper understanding of Down syndrome

Mount Sinai researchers have been awarded a $3.2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to pursue a deeper understanding of Down syndrome, the...
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'Plastic antibodies' effectively target and eliminate tumor cells

A joint research team from Russia and the U.K. has demonstrated the possibility of developing a new type of anti-neoplastic drugs based on nanoMIPs, or...

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