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5-HT receptors of brainstem cardio-respiratory neurones

Jeggo, Ross David; (2003) 5-HT receptors of brainstem cardio-respiratory neurones. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London). Green open access Source link...

A temporal integration mechanism enhances frequency selectivity of broadband inputs to inferior colliculus

by Chen Chen, Heather L. Read, Monty A. EscabĂ­ Accurately resolving frequency components in sounds is essential for sound recognition, yet there is little direct...

Glutamatergic neurons of the gigantocellular reticular nucleus shape locomotor pattern and rhythm in the freely behaving mouse

by Maxime Lemieux, Frederic Bretzner Because of their intermediate position between supraspinal locomotor centers and spinal circuits, gigantocellular reticular nucleus (GRN) neurons play a key...

Auditory brainstem response analysis for long-term central auditory function sequelae in patients with chronic arsenic intoxication: A cross-sectional study

Chronic arsenic intoxication, a major threat to worldwide public health, reportedly affects the peripheral nervous system and causes sensorimotor polyneuropathy [1]. Arsenic also impairs the...

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