Why the Key to a Youthful Face and Jawline May Be in Fixing Your Smile

The secret to a youthful face lies in having an optimally positioned jaw and a beautiful, natural smile. The good news is most faces can be improved!

How the Jaw Can Age Your Appearance

A misaligned jaw has a considerable effect on facial aesthetics. The jaw determines how the upper and lower teeth sit together: weak chins, protruding upper lips, gumminess, neck tension, and round or long faces are all caused by a misaligned jaw. Over time, the jawbone weakens, cheeks appear sunken inwards, and teeth begin to creep forward and disappear behind the lips as they become worn down. Another sign of facial aging is that the jawline starts to look less defined as the skin loses its youthful elasticity and volume (saggy jowls, anyone?).

How Fixing Your Jaw Can Improve Your Life

Looking as youthful as possible boosts your confidence and positively impacts your well-being, career, and relationships. Correcting any problems with your teeth can also benefit your oral health and general health. Crooked teeth are difficult to clean properly, meaning there’s an increased risk of decay – no one wants unsightly fillings. A misaligned jaw also means teeth grinding is more likely, which can wear down teeth leading to damage and sensitivity. Jaw correction has also been shown to improve sleep quality, digestion, speech problems and reduce headaches and muscular pain. Did you know that people with crooked teeth are perceived as less successful by others?

Cosmetic Dentistry to Correct Your Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry is usually the first option that springs to mind when wanting to improve your teeth. Treatment options range from laser tooth whitening to disguise discoloration or whiten the shade to orthodontic braces, porcelain veneers, and resin bonding. Most of these treatments tend to camouflage the problem rather than solve the root cause and can be painful, damaging, or time-consuming. They say beauty is pain – but it doesn’t have to be! There is a non-surgical anti-aging treatment that can realign the jaw and produce a youthful face within weeks.

Why Jaw Correction Is the Way Forward

Even if you have beautifully straight teeth, you may still look older than you should, or experience associated health problems if your jaw alignment isn’t optimally aligned. Fortunately, there’s no need for drastic measures like jaw surgery. Dr. Sam Muslin has developed an innovative non-surgical anti-aging treatment that repositions the jaw to improve your facial aesthetics and restore a youthful profile. Using computer simulation, the final result can be seen before treatment starts. Each patient is involved in designing their custom treatment pathway to the smile of their dreams.

Facelift Dentistry

Within a private treatment room designed to optimize safety and using the very latest technology, the jaw can be realigned, and complementary treatments applied to fine-tune any other problems such as crookedness, crowding, small gaps, or discoloration. There is no drilling, no injections, minimal recovery time, and results are seen in a matter of weeks.

Who Is Eligible

Anyone who would like their smile, jawline, and entire facial profile transformed in under a month can book a consultation to discuss eligibility for treatment.

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