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Functionalized DNA Enables Programming Exosomes/Vesicles for Tumor Imaging and Therapy.

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Functionalized DNA Enables Programming Exosomes/Vesicles for Tumor Imaging and Therapy.

Small. 2019 11;15(47):e1903761

Authors: Fan Z, Xiao K, Lin J, Liao Y, Huang X

Exosomes serve as significant information carriers that regulate important physiological and pathological processes. Herein, functionalized DNA is engineered to be a hinge that anchors quantum dots (QDs) onto the surface of exosomes, realizing a moderate and biocompatible labeling strategy. The QDs-labeled exosomes (exosome-DNA-QDs complex) can be swiftly engulfed by tumor cells, indicating that exosome-DNA-QDs can be applied as a specific agent for tumor labeling. Furthermore, the engineered artificial vesicles of M1 macrophages (M1mv) are constructed via a pneumatic liposome extruder. The results reveal that the individual M1mv can kill tumor cells and realize desirable biological treatment. To reinforce the antitumor efficacy of M1mv and the specificity of drug release, a target-triggered drug delivery system is constructed to realize a specific microRNA-responded delivery system for visual therapy of tumors. These strategies facilitate moderate labeling and functionalization of exosomes/vesicles and construct artificial drug-delivery vesicles that simultaneously possess biological treatment and chemotherapy functions, and thus have the potential to serve as a new paradigm for tumor labeling and therapy.

PMID: 31614072 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

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