Two positions open in neuroscience lab at The Crick

There are two open positions in my lab. We are the Neural circuits and Evolution lab at The Francis Crick Institute in London ( The  lab  employs  a  multidisciplinary  approach  to  understand  how  neural  circuits function and evolve, combining techniques that range from in vivo calcium imaging, electrophysiology, electron microscopy circuit tracing, molecular biology, single-cell RNA sequencing, genome  editing,  behavioural  analysis and  field  work. The two open positions are:
Senior Lab Research Scientist. This position is best suited for a motivated postdoctoral researcher that wishes to continue doing amazing science in a collaborative environment with a permanent contract, rather than following the PI route. The role will be a mix of a permanent advanced postdoctoral researcher and lab manager supporting other people’s projects in the lab. The link to the official application and job description can be found here:
Postdoctoral researcher. This position is best suited for a motivated finishing PhD student or a postdoc that wishes to continue their academic path in a supportive environment, it is a four year contract with possibility of extension to a total of 6 years. In addition to a supportive lab environment, the Crick provides an excellent postdoctoral training programme, and we have regular meetings as well as formal and informal collaborations with other neuroscience groups at the crick. The link to the official application can be found here:
Both positions require independence and a strong interest in either cellular and molecular neuroscience or circuit/systems neuroscience and evolution.
Informal enquires can be made to
I would be thankful if you could distribute this adds widely.
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