Proper Skin Exfoliation Tips 

You have probably heard the word exfoliation used in reference to skin care very often. There are multiple skin cleaners that claim to exfoliate your skin. It is true that some exfoliation is helpful in keeping your skin healthy. Improperly performed or too frequently performed exfoliation can be irritating and potentially harmful to the skin. Here are some exfoliation tips to help you use it well as part of your skincare routine.

Keep it gentle.

front view of woman scrubbing her bodyBecause one benefit of exfoliation is removing dead skin cells, it may seem as though rough scrubbing would be helpful. However, that can damage your skin. Exfoliation should not be painful. Do not scrub hard, and avoid sensitive areas, like those around the eyes. Chemicals, such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid, can exfoliate the skin without the requirement of a bead or scrub.

Don’t scrub too often.

Your face needs time to complete its own cycle of growing and dying cells. You do not need to scrub every day. In fact, doing so could dry out and damage your skin. A good scrubbing routing once per week is probably all that you need, unless your dermatologist tells you otherwise.

Moisturize after every scrub.

Your face will lose moisture after you scrub and wash. Do both with warm water, rather than hot, to prevent dryness, and then use a good cream to lock in moisture immediately. Remember to moisturize the rest of the week, too.

Talk to a dermatologist about the best products for your skin.

Not all scrubs are suited to all skin types. In fact, some people may do better without scrubs, or by using them less often. The combination of scrub and moisturizer matters for some people’s skin, too. You don’t want to accidentally create a mixture to which you skin will react badly. Talk to the dermatologists at Inverness Dermatology & Laser about proper skin exfoliation tips today. Let us help you discover how healthy your skin can be.

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