Is a Nonsurgical Chin Lift an Effective Option?

One of the most sought-after facial aesthetic procedures, a chin lift removes a double chin or turkey neck and results in a well-defined jaw line. Till recently, the options to get rid of a double chin included neck liposuction, neck lift surgery, or a combination of both. These invasive and minimally-invasive treatments can provide improvements, but involve incisions, some surgical trauma, and downtime. The good news is that today, you can achieve excellent results with a nonsurgical chin lift in NYC. This noninvasive procedure lifts the jowls and contours the neck effectively – without surgery, scarring or lengthy downtime.

Nonsurgical Chin Lift

So, how can you rejuvenate your neck without surgery? The innovative technologies that make this possible are InMode’s EVOKE Neck and Forma. Available in leading NYC practices, these non-invasive chin lift options are simple procedures specifically targeting the neck and submental area.

  • EVOKE Neck: The industry’s first hands-free applicator, EVOKE Neck remodels the deep tissue in the jowls, chin, and neck, and provides a more youthful appearance. This revolutionary technology uses proven bipolar radiofrequency energy. With no surgical intervention or anesthesia, this non-invasive technology allows structural re-organization of the facial and neck tissues, resulting in a three-dimensional remodeling. Its hands-free facial applicator delivers uniform and volumetric heating to the skin and subdermal layer. One of the main advantages of this procedure is that patients can surf the internet, read a book, or watch TV when the treatment is being performed.
  • Forma: The first auto-adjusting, non-invasive thermal skin treatment by InMode, Forma is a non-invasive procedure for increased collagen production in the chin and neck area. It is designed for deep and uniform tissue stimulation. The treatment utilizes radiofrequency power to provide a comfortable thermal experience with immediate and subsequent contraction that can take years off your face.

    This non-invasive, pain-free procedure uses the Optimas workstation to stimulate the formation of new collagen and improve the skin’s elasticity for long-lasting and remarkable results. This effective “lunch-time” procedure involves no downtime.

Benefits of Non Surgical Chin Lift

Both these non-invasive chin lift treatments from InMode are safe, effective options to achieve the desired results without surgical scarring or lengthy downtime. These treatments offer skin and tissue remodeling to improve the appearance of the face and neck for anti-aging benefits. Patients can return to normal activities immediately after this quick and painless treatment. You can notice a visible improvement on the treated areas in as little as 2 weeks.

bodySCULPT, A leading plastic surgery practice in Manhattan, New York City (NYC), is one of the first plastic surgery centers in the U.S to introduce EVOKE technology. bodySCULPT® plastic surgeons Dr. Christopher Chia and Dr. Spero Theodorou, who is also InMode’s Chief Medical Officer, have extensive training in this non-surgical EVOKE treatment.

Check out the before/after photos of the nonsurgical chin lift performed by these experts.

If you are considering a nonsurgical chin lift in NYC, treatment at this AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice is the best option.

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