Dentist Calls for Increased Dental Health Awareness

Taking proper care of your mouth, teeth and gums should be a priority for everyone. Unfortunately, dentists across the nation see thousands of patients every day who don’t see the importance of dental hygiene and health.  

Proper dental hygiene will help you prevent bad breath and keep both gum disease and tooth decay at bay. These are two leading causes of tooth loss. Aside from making your mouth feel clean and healthy, proper dental health can also have a significant impact on your general health and well-being. 

Dr. James Block, a prominent California dentist, said there is an urgent need for increased dental health awareness among Americans and the nation at large. 

According to the Adult’s Oral Health and Well-Being Survey, although Americans seem to realize the importance of proper oral health to their general life, many people are still not taking the next step of seeing the dentist, Block said.

The statistics reveal that: 

  • 58 percent of the people surveyed visited the dentist at least once the previous year. This figure dropped from 2016, when 62 percent visited the dentist.
  • 52 percent recently visited the dentist for their routine checkup.
  • 17 percent made their most recent visit to have a procedure done.
  • 15 percent made their most recent visit due to mouth pain.

In essence, about half of Americans don’t even visit the dentist for regular checkups. For the most part, this can be blamed on poor awareness and possibly financial concerns, especially among low-income groups.

“It’s high time we prioritize visiting the dentist because the health of your mouth can impact your overall health,” Block said. “Although a good percentage of the population already knows the importance of proper dental health, there’s still some more education we’ll need to do to increase public awareness about dental health.” 

While it’s essential to visit a dentist as soon as you notice a problem, it’s also vital to avoid skipping regular checkups since these visits provide excellent opportunities for dental professionals to identify and address issues of potential concerns.

Block practices at James Block Dentistry, offering dental care services for people in Fremont, California, and the surrounding areas. 

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