AI News Weekly – Issue #173: Philosophers On GPT-3 – Aug 6th 2020

In the News

Philosophers On GPT-3

Parts of the technology community hope (and fear) that GPT-3 could brings us one step closer to the hypothetical future possibility of human-like, highly sophisticated artificial general intelligence (AGI). Meanwhile, others (including OpenAI’s own CEO) have critiqued claims about GPT-3’s ostensible proximity to AGI, arguing that they are vastly overstated.


The AI Hardware Summit will be going virtual for 2020

Taking place on Sept 29-30 & Oct 6-7, the definitive conference for the industry returns, with speakers including Turing Award Winner David Patterson, and industry veteran & investor Vinod Khosla. 4 mornings of content, 1-2-1 networking, workshops and product launches.

In The News

Meet the female computer scientist and activist who got Big Tech to stand down

IBM pledged that same week to stop developing facial recognition entirely, and Microsoft committed to withholding its system from police until federal regulations were passed.

The problems AI has today go back centuries

The events also provoked Shakir Mohamed, a South African AI researcher at DeepMind, to reflect on what colonial legacies might exist in his research as well.

GPT-3: an AI game-changer or an environmental disaster?

The tech giants’ latest machine-learning system comes with both ethical and environmental costs.


IEEE’s Ethically-Aligned Design on Autonomous & Intelligent Systems & Extended Reality

On March 25, 2019, the IEEE Standards Association published Ethically-Aligned Design: A Vision for Prioritizing Human Well-being with Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (PDF) covering the ethical dimensions of artificial intelligence embedded into different systems.

The Ethics of AI and Emotional Intelligence

All of this is happening against a backdrop of increasing global discussions, reports, principles, white papers, and government action on responsible, ethical, and trustworthy AI.

How Salesforce Infuses Ethics into its AI

Baxter, who at the time worked as a Salesforce User Experience Researcher, was inspired by this vision and began helping Einstein product teams identify potential ethical risks.

Applied use cases

The intelligent product

AI Product Institute Volume 2 Automotive SAS reduces suspicious warranty claims and labor costs for 1200 Honda dealerships by using SAS AI solutions, SAS analytics, and SAS Forecast Server.

ML Research and Production Pipelines with Chip Huyen

Chip has worked on ML research at Snorkel, NVIDIA, Netflix and Primer.
View all podcasts Chip Huyen is a writer and machine learning engineer currently working at Snorkel AI, a startup that focuses on machine learning production pipelines.

The world in 2025:

First, increasing government interest in AI-augmented surveillance systems to help counter COVID-19 led to a rapid acceleration in capabilities and increasingly broad applications.


What Robots Need to Succeed: Machine-Learning to Teach Effectively

Today Deep Learning is finally experiencing its star turn, driven by the explosive potential of Deep Neural Network algorithms and hardware advancements.

You Want to Automate Now—Really?!

After a few weeks of crisis management and making a hundred decisions a day, we started to settle into a new rhythm… only to face another new environment during the mass protests for racial equality.

This AI Could Bring Us Computers That Can Write Their Own Software

The algorithm, called machine inferred code similarity (MISIM), is the brainchild of researchers from Intel, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, and MIT.


ICML 2020 highlights: A Transformer-based RL agent, causal ML for increased privacy, and more

Understanding how AI models reason about what they see Bottom line: “We propose a principled approach to isolate, analyze, and interpret how visual question-answering models reason about what they see.”

Syntiant raises $35 million for AI speech-processing edge chips

The company’s Neural Decision Processors with Alexa Voice Service firmware offer wake word, command word, and event detection in a package with a claimed “near-zero” power consumption.

Why You Should Do NLP Beyond English

Natural language processing (NLP) research predominantly focuses on developing methods that work well for English despite the many positive benefits of working on other languages.

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