AI News Weekly – Issue #172: Chinese AI Is Creating an Axis of Autocracy – Jul 30th 2020

In the News

China Is What Orwell Feared

Xi Jinping is using artificial intelligence to enhance his government’s totalitarian control—and he’s exporting this technology to regimes around the globe.
He wants to build an all-seeing digital system of social control, patrolled by precog algorithms that identify potential dissenters in real time.


Accelerated leadership program for future food entrepreneur

5 months to learn how to run your own restaurant. Designed for aspiring food entrepreneurs, this five-month program includes 25 masterclasses to strengthen culinary know-how and develop managerial skills for the Food & Beverage industry. The classes cover culinary operations, catering, oenology and even R&D. In parallel, the business courses allow students to develop a business case to launch their own culinary career dream.

In The News

How Chase is using AI to update banking

Chase’s chief data and analytics officer Sandra Nudelman outlines some of the ways the bank is harnessing AI and ML across its business.

“Hurting People At Scale”

She said the company’s policy team in Washington, DC, led by Joel Kaplan, sought to unduly influence decisions made by her team, and the company’s recent failure to take appropriate action on posts from President Trump shows employees are right to be upset and concerned.


CDEI’s AI Barometer: what are the key messages for financial services?

The Centre for Data, Ethics and Innovation (CDEI) has published its AI Barometer – an analysis of the most pressing opportunities, risks and governance challenges associated with artificial intelligence (AI) and data use within the UK.

Research summary: Decolonial AI: Decolonial Theory as Sociotechnical Foresight in Artificial Intelligence

To protect and prevent harm against vulnerable groups, the authors recommend adopting a decolonial critical approach in AI to gain better foresight and ethical judgement towards advances in the field.

Intel community releases framework for ethically using artificial intelligence

The U.S. intelligence community released artificial intelligence principles and an ethics framework on Thursday to ensure that intel organizations are safely and legally developing AI systems as the technology quickly evolves.

Applied use cases

Google Ad Portal Equated “Black Girls” with Porn

Google’s Keywords Planner, which helps advertisers choose which search terms to associate with their ads, offered hundreds of keyword suggestions related to “Black girls,” “Latina girls,” and “Asian Girls”—the majority of them pornographic, The Markup found in its research.

Rite Aid deployed facial recognition systems in hundreds of U.S. stores

While Rite Aid declined to disclose which locations used the technology, Reuters found facial recognition cameras at 33 of the 75 Rite Aid shops in Manhattan and the central Los Angeles metropolitan area during one or more visits from October through July.

10 ways AI is improving new product development

compares Digital Champions’ success with AI and ML-based new product development tools versus their peers: 61% of enterprises who are the most advanced using AI and ML (Digital Champions) use fully integrated Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems compared to just 12% of organizations not


Where Is Robotics Heading? Perspectives From iRobot (Colin Angle), Stanley Black & Decker, And Robots In Service Of The Environment

Companies looking to increasingly automate and enable greater portions of their business that require physical human labor currently look to robots to help or fully replace humans with many tasks.

Exploring the DARPA SubT Challenge

The SubT Challenge allows teams to demonstrate new approaches for robotic systems to rapidly map, navigate, and search complex underground environments, including human-made tunnel systems, urban underground, and natural cave networks.

At Ford factories, Boston Dynamics’s robot dog Spot is teaming up with a new robotic friend

Equipped with a laser scanner and 360-degree video camera, Spot has been capturing 3D images of parts, tools, and room layouts.


Announcing Optuna 2.0

We are pleased to announce the second major version of Optuna, a hyperparameter optimization (HPO) framework in Python, is now available on PyPI and conda-forge.

deepmind / deepmind-research

RL Unplugged: Benchmarks for Offline Reinforcement Learning RL Unplugged is suite of benchmarks for offline reinforcement learning.

NVIDIA Breaks 16 AI Performance Records in Latest MLPerf Benchmarks

Also helping meet the strong demand for A100 are the world’s leading cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Baidu Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Tencent Cloud, as well as dozens of major server makers, including Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Inspur and Supermicro.

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