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eSight 4 Vision Assistive Glasses Unveiled

eSight, a company based in Toronto, Canada, is releasing the latest version of its vision-improving electronic glasses for people with poor eyesight and even legal blindness. The eSight 4 sports two 1280×960 screens that display images captured and processed from the forward facing camera on the glasses. It’s indicated for people with all kinds of eye conditions that are characterized by substantial loss of central vision, such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and Stargardt’s disease.

With the eSight technology, the images are displayed uniquely for each individual user, utilizing as much of the peripheral vision as possible. The user can select what to focus on and how much thanks to touch controls and the display that slides up and away from the face.

New software within the fourth generation of the eSight device improves the auto-focusing and the video is now brighter than before. Up to 24X zoom, focus, and contrast can be manually selected, and there are now custom viewing modes that everyone can pre-program for themselves. Moreover, for those wearing glasses, the built-in display is compatible with those as well.

The battery sits on the back of the device, providing a counter-weight to the glasses that are on the front. It can be easily pulled out with one hand and replaced with a fresh battery at any time. The company believes users will want to be able to take advantage of the eSight 4 all day long, so swappable batteries are an important advantage.

Some of the other nifty features include the ability to connect one’s smartphone to the eSight 4 and view the mobile screen that way, zooming in and freezing the picture as needed to get the best look, and using a mobile app to share and save photos and videos captured right on the glasses. Other features can be easily added in the future as they come out since the device is cloud-based and easily upgradeable.

Here’s a promo video introducing the eSight 4:

Product page: eSight 4

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