Penn Museum to Remove Skull Collection of Enslaved People

Penn Museum to Remove Skull Collection of Enslaved People:

According to this Hypoallergic article, The University of Pennsylvania has a collection of hundreds of skulls which belonged to a physician “who collected hundreds of skulls, including those of enslaved Africans, Native Americans, and Cubans to try to reinforce his white supremacist, pseudoscientific theory that the brains of some races are larger than others.” 

Now, thanks to campus activists, they are “removing” some of the skulls that belonged to Native Americans and people who were enslaved. “Remove” in this case mostly means “moving from display to storage but allowing researchers to study them.” The museum is also “beginning to look at efforts to repatriate,” or return, some of the skulls to the land from which they were taken, but doing so is difficult as the people who took them generally didn’t document much.

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