As cases of Parkinson’s disease increase, community must demand funding, change

That stunning growth curve foreshadows bankruptcy for many health-care systems, said Dr. Michael S. Okun of University of Florida health, a leading international expert on Parkinson’s. He is one of four authors of the authoritative new book “Ending Parkinson’s: A Prescription for Change.”

That bleak future can be brightened if the Parkinson’s community organizes and forces changes like those in successful campaigns against polio, HIV and breast cancer.

“We need to stand up and make noise,” Okun said. “Parkinson’s sufferers, their families and the professional care community must be as charismatic and disruptive as we can be.”

Agitation and disruption are not words commonly associated with PD. The disease itself often produces passivity, depression and apathy.

Parkinson’s is the second most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer’s, which it is fast overtaking with an estimated 6,000,000 cases worldwide today.

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