How does A.I. phone bot help making outbound sales call?

Is A.I. telephony creating a new era of telemarketing?

More and more companies are outsourcing their call centre services. They found the cost is getting higher every year. Especially for those companies requiring call centres to make telemarketing calls, these companies will find that they are not only paying the charge per unit call, but there are also overhead charges, inflexible yearly based contracts, also of profit-sharing with the call centres when the call successfully generate sales leads.

Google has demonstrated how to use Duplex (Duplex A.I. call) to make phone calls for booking. Artificial intelligence like Apple “Siri” and Amazon “Alexa” is getting smarter every day. They have proved A.I. can communicate with users. So, how conversational A.I. can help you for calling your clients?

Is A.I. callbots capable of making outbound sales calls, what does the voice A.I. look like?

In Asia, there are already some companies using A.I. to make outbound sales calls. Some of the calls are still using a synthesized voice which sounds like “robot”; Some companies like Asiabots are already using the latest A.I. generated human-like voice or real-time TTS (text-to-speech) technology for creating voices that highly closed to a real human. Definitely, a natural human-like voice helps to enhance the overall quality of voice calling and brings a much better result.

The benefits of using A.I. callbots for sales calls

Low cost is the most obvious benefit of using A.I. for making phone calls. Do not need to sign any contracts for call centers and pre-paying, flexibility is the other incentive for companies to try A.I. for calling. Especially there is almost no limitation of expanding call-out lines in a short time, and no headache of employing and training staff, it is perfect for a company, especially for those who want to initiate sales activities for a short period of time.

Unprecedented benefits of using A.I. call bots

Technology breaks the old rules and brings new tools for more effective sales at the same time. Combining the power of data and A.I., phone bots can create customized telemarketing calls. Base on the gender, income, marital status, living locations…etc, the conversation contents of the A.I. voice calls can be very different. For example, calling a male recipient with a sweet and nice female A.I. voice, automate the target with fitting product and promotion scheme, combining with a suitable tactic of sales approach, definitely increase the success rate of closing deal.

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A/B test is a common strategy for increasing sales. A.I. bot can automate the sales process by performing various testing and using the best tactics by trial and error. Not necessary to say the value of logging of data for review, which is very costly in the old ways for data storage in the call center. It is almost having no difficulty for a voicebot to manage this job.

Better qualified leads generated

Most companies would worry about the quality of voice and hesitate if A.I. is not capable to answer clients’ questions. Most companies would get surprised and gain confidence, however, when they hear the latest A.I. generated human-like voice. It is true that A.I. still cannot handle very organic and irrelevant conversations, but this is not the purpose of making sales calls. Instead, as A.I. call bots are very focused on the topic, (The bots won’t answer other questions that out the scope !), it can generate a better quality of sales leads.

Besides making sales calls, A.I. bots can assist to generate sales by up-selling or cross-selling. Below is an A.I. calling bot for beaut salon. The first service of this A.I. bot is to remind the client of her booking time. The bot upsells her client by providing new promotion information inside the notification call.

Transcript of Demo:

Bot: Hello. Is this Miss Chan?

Chan: Yes, I am.

Bot: Hello Miss Chan, We are V Salon CS Centre. Please be reminded that you are having a booking on 25th June, 5pm. Do you want to confirm your booking?

Chan: I think I need to make another booking.

Bot. Sure, which date and time would you like to change to?

Chan: 20th June. I think in the afternoon will be better.

Bot: Definitely. We are available on 20th June, at 6pm. Do you want to confirm the booking?

Chan: OK.

Bot: OK. We have reserved a booking on 20th June, at 6pm for you. Moreover, we noticed that you have only 2 treatment left. We are having a renewal promotion now. Do you want to know some more information?

Chan: That will be nice.

Bot: Let me transfer you to our Customer Service Officer for further information. Please wait.

(Transfer Music)

A.I. phone bot is overwhelming, but it is still not yet able to completely replacing human sales force

A.I. outbound telemarketing calls can definitely save lots of time for sales agents. Especially it helps to screen out lots of people who have no interest in the product. For expensive products, such as property, cars, and financial products, a human touch is still playing a key role over here. A.I. phone bots would save the sales people’s’ time and energy, which leads them can spend more time and better serving those clients show interest. Call center managers should see this is a chance for enhancing their service and think about how to upgrade the contact center to another level.

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