Odd Salon: Resilient

Odd Salon is a social, interactive lecture series focused on weird history, science and culture, making a great community of smart weirdos in San Francisco and New York. 

For obvious reasons, recent salons have been cancelled. Now we’re back at it with an online Odd Salon on May 26, 6pm PDT, with the theme of RESILIENT. Also, while tickets are usually $20, for the first time there are free tickets (if you would like some extra perks there are other options.) Here’s the content description:

Even during the worst of days of history – then as now – individuals have stepped up to make a difference, communities have rallied together, unlikely heroes have emerged, and resilient art forms have flowered, inspired and informed by the shared experience endured.

Join speakers from both the San Francisco and New York City chapters for an evening exploring stories of strength, silver linings, and kicking ass during some of history’s darkest chapters.

I hope to see you there (on the screen or in the chat box) ! More info and tickets here.

PS. I am an Odd Salon fellow and you can see two of my talks here: On Human/Animal Chimeras and Coyote Wars.

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