Imaging large arteries after arterial switch operation

Clinical introduction

A girl born at a gestational age of 38 weeks was antenatally diagnosed with a transposition of the great arteries with intact ventricular septum. After a balloon atrioseptostomy in the first hour postbirth an arterial switch operation (ASO), including Lecompte manoeuvre, was successfully performed at day 8. Coronary arteries were implanted in the neoaortic root with the button technique. The proximal neoaorta was anastomosed to the distal ascending aorta by a running suture. Reconstruction of the neopulmonary artery after harvesting the coronary arteries was performed using a pantaloon shaped patch of fresh autologous pericardium. The proximal neopulmonary artery was anastomosed to the main pulmonary artery with a running suture. The girl recovered well. Echocardiographic examination during an outpatient visit 3 months post-ASO showed following images on a skewed parasternal long-axis view (figure 1A) and high parasternal short-axis view (figure 1B). Clinically the…

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