Author response: Carotid plaques and detection of atrial fibrillation in embolic stroke of undetermined source

I would like to thank Dr. Siegler and colleagues for their kind words and for their thoughtful comments on our article.1 I agree that it would be useful to know which imaging modalities were used to assess carotid plaques; however, we did not register this information. Furthermore, we did not assess the type of modalities of heart rhythm monitoring that applied to our patients and therefore cannot provide information on whether they were used similarly between patients with or without carotid stenosis. I agree that it may be possible that these modalities were applied differently between these 2 groups. In this context, any comparison between these 2 groups about the incidence rates of the conditions during which atrial fibrillation was detected could lead to erroneous conclusions, which is why we refrained from providing these results in the article.1

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