enfantedeluna:“Doing your own research” could mean “conducting your own trials,” but that’s…


“Doing your own research” could mean “conducting your own trials,” but that’s impossible to do with everything in your life that you want answers for, and I don’t expect anyone to have the time/money/resources to do good trials on their own. Doing your own experiments should be more like “which socks are more comfortable to skate in” and “will more of my friends turn up to a Netflix Watch Party or a Zoom Chat.” Not “will the entire country be safer in the long run with or without a recommendation to wear masks.”

“Doing your own research” could also mean “going to Google and finding what the people WITH those resources are saying” instead of just doing whatever comes to mind first, or what your social network is saying. 

But if your social network is linking to those well-funded studies then that’s great.  

Yeah the experts can be, and are, sometimes wrong. And yeah sometimes there is a recommendation for the general population that might be the wrong idea for a specific individual. But remember that on average the CDC is way better at CDC’ing than you are!

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