Ethnicity, heart failure and the prevention continuum: time to act

Ethnicity, race and cardiovascular disease (CVD) in South Asians

Every UK Census since 1841 has collected data regarding country of birth and nationality. However, ethnicity was recorded from only the 1991 census onwards. The number of categories and their complexity has increased over the years. Race and ethnicity are overlapping concepts, but ‘the term race should be used with caution for its history is one of misuse and injustice’.1 Race refers to a person’s skin colour and origins, whether by nationality or country of birth. Ethnicity tends to refer more subjectively to a shared history and culture, language, religion and traditions. South Asians are the largest ethnic minority group in the UK (4.9% in the UK 2011 Census) and provide an important lens for research and action to address ethnic disparities in health and healthcare.

Since the 1980s, inequalities in diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of coronary…

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