COVID-19 Update

As the COVID-19 situation is rapidly changing, Conquering CHD is committed to providing its community with trusted resources from expert sources. Please continue to watch this blog and our social media channels for information pertinent to the CHD community.

Read our original statement on COVID-19 from March 13, 2020 here.


  • CHD patients of all ages remain in the ‘high risk for serious illness from COVID-19’ category, as defined by CDC
  • WHO, CDC, and White House officials have recommended Social Distancing for individuals, communities, and organizations
  • Governors have issued mandatory Social Distancing or Shelter-in-Place orders in most States, including closing non-essential businesses
  • Primary school systems and higher education programs have canceled in-person classes and moved to virtual learning
  • American College of Cardiology and American Academy of Pediatrics helped an emergency funding package get signed into law, allowing an increase to telemedicine services


  • Continue practicing Social Distancing and Shelter-in-Place techniques
  • Wash your hands regularly, avoid touching your face
  • Sanitize and clean your home often
  • Communicate with your medical team as needed
  • Advocate for telemedicine appointments
  • Connect with others using social media, video chat services, text and phone calls

We have heard your concerns around the uncertainty of COVID-19 for those living with CHD and the following resources are offered in response:

InformCHD – a patient-reported database in collaboration with health data experts at ArborMetrix, which will collect data on COVID-19 and CHD. This is research that matters to all of us, and it matters right now. Follow the link to learn more and participate.

Social Distancing for CHD Patients & Families, Conquering CHD

How to Help Teens During COVID-19 Outbreak, Children’s Hospital Colorado
Coping with Stress and Worry During COVID-19, CNOC
Helping Children Cope with Stress and Worry During COVID-19, CNOC
Mental and Emotional Health During COVID-19, CHC Nevada (YouTube)
WeGo Health’s #HighRiskCovid19 campaign (Twitter)
Manage Anxiety & Stress, CDC
How to Talk to Your Kids About COVID-19, Dr. Melissa Cousino, PhD

Protecting Yourself While Visiting Parks/Outdoor Recreation Areas, CDC
Protecting Yourself While Running Essential Errands, CDC
Mitigation Strategies for Communities with COVID-19, CDC
Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Information About COVID-19, CDC
Coronavirus Guidance for Adult & Pediatric Patients with CHD, Michigan Medicine
When & How to Wash Your Hands, CDC
Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs in Emergencies, CDC
Information on COVID-19 and Congenital Heart Disease, CHPHC

For patients who have experienced healthcare discrimination during the global health crisis:
U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services Office for Civil Rights
Americans with Disabilities Act Discrimination Complaints

Helping the Helpers, CNOC
Guidance for Healthcare Providers Caring for Pediatric Patients, AHA

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