biggest-gaudiest-patronuses:Giant land crabs: I am a THICC FAT NUGGET of peak performance. I am…


Giant land crabs: I am a THICC FAT NUGGET of peak performance. I am bigger than you dog. My claws can crush your skull. Fear me.

Giant ocean crabs: *reaches through the murky depths with its monstrously elongated limbs and taps you on the shoulder with its tiny claw* boo


And they are not the only giants in the family

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Them big fuckers are also scavengers.


I assumed everyone knew:


no. they break coconuts with their claws


y-you mean they’re not the size of coconuts???


Sometimes I forget that coconut crabs really are that fucking big

dang can no one just hold an animal in a way that forced perspective does not completely destroy any sense of scale! please. i will never in my life know how big a fish or trophy hunted animal is from these sorts of pictures. look at the  ✨✨✨magic✨✨✨ of holding a thing closer to a camera

Coconut crabs can vary in size but here’s a better picture: 

yes that human is testing the crab’s pinch force, which is the hardest in the world. I covered the story of the pinch competition research and asked the lead scientist if a coconut crab pinched him during the study. he said yes: and “while it was only a few minutes, I felt eternal hell.”  

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