Complex & Intelligent Systems. Volume 6 Number 1, April 2020

1. Trade-off between exploration and exploitation with genetic algorithm using a novel selection operator
Author(s): Abid Hussain, Yousaf Shad Muhammad
Pages: 1-14

2. On some distance measures of complex Pythagorean fuzzy sets and their applications in pattern recognition
Author(s): Kifayat Ullah, Tahir Mahmood, Zeeshan Ali, Naeem Jan
Pages: 15-27

3. Pythagorean Dombi fuzzy graphs
Author(s): Muhammad Akram, Jawaria Mohsan Dar, Sumera Naz
Pages: 29-54

4. Accelerating evolutionary computation using a convergence point estimated by weighted moving vectors
Author(s): Jun Yu, Yuhao Li, Yan Pei, Hideyuki Takagi
Pages: 55-65

5. A new similarity measure for Pythagorean fuzzy sets
Author(s): M. Adabitabar Firozja, B. Agheli, E. Baloui Jamkhaneh
Pages: 67-74

6. Improvement of query-based text summarization using word sense disambiguation
Author(s): Nazreena Rahman, Bhogeswar Borah
Pages: 75-85

7. Towards an assessment framework of reuse: a knowledge-level analysis approach
Author(s): Ghassan Beydoun, Achim Hoffmann, Rafael Valencia Garcia…
Pages: 87-95

8. Moment capacity estimation of spirally reinforced concrete columns using ANFIS
Author(s): Hosein Naderpour, Masoomeh Mirrashid
Pages: 97-107

9. Evaluating the sustainability of a smart technology application to mobile health care: the FGM–ACO–FWA approach
Author(s): Tin-Chih Toly Chen
Pages: 109-121

10. Using compression to find interesting one-dimensional cellular automata
Author(s): Nadim Ahmed, William J. Teahan
Pages: 123-146

11. Collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm based on user correlation and evolutionary clustering
Author(s): Jianrui Chen, Chunxia Zhao, Uliji, Lifang Chen
Pages: 147-156

12. Data-driven decision support under concept drift in streamed big data
Author(s): Jie Lu, Anjin Liu, Yiliao Song, Guangquan Zhang
Pages: 157-163

13. Distributed control system architecture for balancing and stabilizing traffic in the network of multiple autonomous intersections using feedback consensus and route assignment method
Author(s): Chairit Wuthishuwong, Ansgar Traechtler
Pages: 165-187

14. A repository of real-world datasets for data-driven evolutionary multiobjective optimization
Author(s): Cheng He, Ye Tian, Handing Wang, Yaochu Jin
Pages: 189-197

15. High efficiency fault-detection and fault-tolerant control approach in Tennessee Eastman process via fuzzy-based neural network representation
Author(s): M. Adeli, A. H. Mazinan
Pages: 199-212

16. Analysis of watermarking framework for color image through a neural network-based approach
Author(s): M. F. Kazemi, M. A. Pourmina, A. H. Mazinan
Pages: 213-220

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