Non-Covid Content

I queued a bunch of old posts to reblog (and have some new stuff) since it seems like a lot of people on Tumblr are interested in continuing to see their aesthetic/funny/non-chatoic content. 

I hope it doesn’t seem in bad taste if the queue spits out something that is not that significant in the face of the pandemic. The choice I made was to let it run so that people can see their Science of Sheep Intelligence and Two Headed Dogs and whatever when they come here for, not to think about impending doom. But if you think it’s better to, I can move the rest to drafts until this calms down. 

I also read a LOT of Coronavirus content (it’s part of my job actually) so I can post about that if you like (I mean, it is on theme to some extent). It’s a little hard to choose what to post since SO MUCH is happening ALL THE TIME but I can make it work. 

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