Watch Party?


Hello internet community. I’m self-quarantining, someone at the office had the thing. I was wondering if there are enough people here to be interested in a Netflix watch party? I’d love to interact with some of you a little more.

If so, what to watch? We could totally stay thematic with movies about pandemics or we could go the opposite and watch something fun. Or maybe something strange or biology-specific, since that’s what we all have in common. 

OK we are doing Train to Busan at 6pm PST/9pm EST! Download Watch Party in advance. Sorry if this isn’t good for your timezone! If this is fun I might do another and do a Doodle poll or something. 

EDIT: Just FYI I’ll also be inviting some of my IRL friends. We are about 30 years old, so, if you don’t want to hang out with someone in our age range, that’s what it is. We’ll be chatting via text in a box on the screen. Feel free to come for part of the time or lurk or whatever. 

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