BSDB/GenSoc 2020 Poster Session II

Here’s the second poster session of the virtual BSDB / Genetics Society 2020 meeting. The presenters would love to hear your comments and questions


1. Rebecca Lea (The Francis Crick Institute)

‘Identifying novel regulators of human pluripotency and embryogenesis’.


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2. Lara Busby (University of Cambridge)

‘Investigating time & cell fate decisions in the development of the avian posterior body’


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3. Christian Schröter (MPI Dortmund)

‘Generation and maintenance of robust cell fate proportions by FGF/ERK signaling’


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4. William Hamilton (DanStem)

‘Category errors in the pluripotency network’


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5. Tim Fulton (University of Cambridge)

‘Self-organised symmetry breaking in zebrafish reveals feedback from morphogenesis to pattern formation’


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6. Clare Benson (University of London)

‘Investigating Rho dysregulation in Adams-Oliver syndrome as a model of vascular development’


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7. Monika Fluks (University of Warsaw)

‘Glucose import efficiency is reduced in transcriptionally active mouse GV oocytes’



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