Grow your patient membership plan

Expert advice

Ellie Young talks through all the key things you need to consider in order to grow your patient membership plan. She explains the processes you should have in place and the difference involving the full practice team makes.

What you’ll hear:
  • The key factors in getting your membership off the ground
  • The processes that you should have in place to help you grow your membership numbers
  • The role of the full team in discussing the membership plan
Who should listen:
  • Practice owners and managers with a membership plan in place
  • Wider team members who talk to patients about membership
About Ellie:

EllieEllie has been a member of the Corporate and Specialist Team at Practice Plan Group for five years. During that time, she supported many practices’ growth strategies for both membership plans and patient finance. Practice Plan’s team of experienced professionals has supported over 1,500 dental practices to transform the profitability of their business through the combination of a well-populated plan and personalised support including marketing, business advice, events and training. If you’re looking for more from your provider, call 01691 684165 or visit


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