Ordering apps to boost sales for your restaurant

Ordering apps can help to boost sales for your restaurant. Some claim that ordering apps can boost it up to 20% of your revenue. But what is an ordering app, why should you use it for your restaurant and what to consider when selecting the best ordering app? This article will explain you all you need to know about ordering apps for restaurants.

What is an ordering app?

An ordering app or order app is a way to let guests of your restaurant order and pay themselves. They don’t have to wait to get the menu, place an order or to pay the bill, it is simply handled by the ordering app.

Ordering apps are there in many forms and shapes. Some ordering apps needs to be downloaded before you can use them, others work as a web app. At Table Duck we’ve pushed it even further by letting guests order via messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. In this case there is no need to download anything because it makes use of existing messaging apps. A chatbot handles the conversation, takes the order and the payment. It’s fully automated, so you don’t have to do anything for it as a restaurant owner. Using messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp also gives you the opportunity to send promotional messages back like “Two more beers?” or in case of delivery “It’s Friday night, you want to order your favorite pizza?”.

Why an ordering app for your restaurant?

Offering guests in your restaurant an ordering app brings your guests convenience. They can see the menu, place an order or pay the bill when they want it. It also saves time for your restaurant staff, time they can spend on other activities that helps your restaurant business further.

Other, less obvious benefits are the collection of data and insights. Things like how often somebody ordered at your restaurant, favorite dishes, money spent per meal etc. You can use these insights to strengthen the relationship you have with your guests and make them more loyal to your restaurant brand. Something crucial in a business where competition can be fierce.

What to consider when choosing the best ordering app for your restaurant?

If you’re convinced that an ordering app for your restaurant is a good idea, how to select the best ordering app or solution for your restaurant? And how to make sure you benefit the most of such an ordering app?

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First you need to look at the ease of use of an ordering app. How easy is it to use for your guests? As mentioned previously in this article, at Table Duck we’ve built a chatbot that enables guest to order via messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. There is no need to download anything and it works very intuitively. Just like chatting with your friends.

Next there is the activation of your ordering app. How to make people aware they can order themselves using an ordering app. This can be done with instore promotion materials like a table sticker with an QR code on it or a poster in your restaurant. But also, don’t forget your social channels and your website to make your guests aware of your ordering app. At Table Duck we can help you on how to activate and make guests aware of your ordering app.

Finally, to make an ordering app successful, you need to incentive your guests and reward them for using your ordering app. A free can of soda can already do the trick but you can also make it more sophisticated with e.g. a loyalty program where guests can save for rewards.

Once your guests start using your ordering app, you will benefit from it. But it requires the right approach and the right tooling.

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