‘Dentistry and Beyond’ with Dr Saman Soomro

Dr Saman Hayat Soomro is a travel enthusiast and content creator who covered a great variety of topics like food, fashion, events, lifestyle and much more.

By Dr Muattar Hanif

A dental graduate from Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine, Saman always had a passion to make her name in the world of Social Media. She formally started her career from an online platform, ‘Parhlo’ as a travel live show host. Despite a meandering start, Saman gained positive recognition for her gig and traded in for her own Instagram Page, Stroll with Saman. Her engaging and unique aesthetic content, helped Saman to steadily build her following on her page.

With nearly 24.3K followers on Instagram and 12K followers on YouTube, Dr Saman also enjoys collaborations with multinational companies like McDonalds, Maybelline, to just a name few.  Now, Dr Saman manages her time between her dental practice at Karachi and continues to break stereotypes through her social media presence.

Saman recently
sat down
with Dental News to talk about her journey as a Content Creator and discuss
some pointers pertaining to Social Media and Dentistry


  • Dental News: When and how did you decide to pursue dentistry? What appealed you the most about this career choice?

Dr Saman: Honestly speaking, I never
wanted to become a dentist. It was never part of my plan. I wanted to become a
doctor, but my dad convinced me that dentistry would be better for me and it
will be more sustainable. But, now I have my patients calling me for their
dental problems at 3am, so yeah! (laughs). It wasn’t a calculated decision but
once I started studying, it made me realize that this is actually quite
interesting. I have always been into science. I would like to call myself a
nerd! (laughs).

  • Dental News: Being a doctor treating
    patients, and then being a blogger, what motivated you to shift into the world
    of social media?

Dr Saman: My inclination towards the
world of social media was even before I graduated. I started back in 2017 and during
those days I was enrolled in my dental school. I have always been into making
videos. I like talking to the camera! Putting up my pictures, taking pictures
and stuff, has always been a fascination to me. I have always been someone wanted
to do something out of the box, something that would make me stand out and also
make my life interesting because I didn’t want to sit on one desk, treat
patients and not do anything exciting at all.

Now at times, patients do come to me and say that I
know you and I know you’re a blogger. These moments just make me so happy. And
I’m like, I must be doing something right!

  • Dental News: How did your family and
    friends respond to Strollwithsaman? Also, tell us a little about your

Dr Saman: Initially, my family, especially my dad did
not really accept the idea of me doing this. But slowly, when I started getting
recognition, that’s when he felt the worth of my work. Now, he actually
motivates and encourages me. Despite of religious, cultural, traditional
obligations, my family is now actually very proud of me. I have always managed
to juggle between my dental career and my ‘passion’. I graduated with eleven
distinctions. I’ve never neglected studies. My dedication was very obvious to
everyone around.

My message to future dentists is to have a reality check

But there were times when I couldn’t manage time
between my two worlds. There were times when it got really hard for me to
create a schedule. The process of content creation is very taxing. It really
takes a toll on you. People think it’s just taking pictures and simply
uploading them. But no, it’s not like that. At times it takes hours or so, to
strategize and come up with new ideas. You have to keep up yourself with the wave
of change coming after every hour on social media. So it is a lot of work. It
is very much like a 24 hour job!

But again the love and appreciation that you get from
your fans, is really gratifying. And to develop that honest connection with my
following is something that I have formed over the time. Allah Almighty has
been really generous to me throughout my journey!

  • Dental News: Dental practice or Strollwithsaman- which of
    the two consumes most of your energy, time and effort, and is that by choice?

Dr Saman: I think both takes equal time. You can say 50-50 percent. But the good thing is that I am not bound in any way. As sole owner of my page, I can enjoy flexible working hours. Also my dental practice is appointment based, so I manage my time efficiently.

The choice is
definitely very much mine. That’s the best part!

  • Dental News: How do you think social media can benefit
    dental students?

Dr Saman: We know for a fact that everything is now being
shifted into social media. Everybody has an easy access to social media, same
goes for dental students. I feel like what they’re doing wrong, is that they’re
putting everything into their books. I feel they need to come out of that. They
need to also explore the world of social media and understand it’s potential.

If you have a knack to create your own content that
you feel passionate about, then do it. Make an audience for yourself. Even if
you’re studying, you can do many things side by side. It’s true that the reach
won’t be made overnight, but keep on trying.

Follow your passion and the result will become obvious

Similarly, if you completed a dental case and want to
share it, then do it. Don’t worry about the remarks or what people will say
about your clinical work. There are many people who will learn from your
experience. You can also upload easy tutorials for complex dental topics. There
are already hundreds of people all over the world doing it, but sadly very few
in Pakistan!

I also feel that Social media is an excellent platform
to spread oral care awareness. People need to be educated about harmful
products that can cause oral cancer. If we are not going to do it, then who
will? I feel like it’s a responsibility of every dentist. So use social media
for your own benefit and for others too, but please use it to make a difference.

  • Dental News: Introduce the viewers to the concept of
    ‘Dentistry and Beyond’ using your experience. How important do you think it is
    to not feel limited by your degree, and to pursue your dreams beyond your

Dr Saman: Dentistry is a very saturated field. Again, it’s saturated
to the extent that even seniors are struggling. I was told that a career in
dentistry will make you rich but now many of my friends are looking for
alternative careers. So this is the reality and we need to accept it.

Social media is an excellent platform to spread oral care awareness

What we also need to accept is that sticking to one career option is also
not right. During such conditions of recession, one should be prepared for
rainy days. This is applied to both men and women. They both should work to
follow their dreams. Everyone wants to have a modern and more luxurious
lifestyle. So if you do have a passion for something beyond dentistry, then go
for it. Your education and career can be different. It’s not a must to rely on
one job option. Always have a backup plan!

  • Dental News: Any suggestions you have for the new
    generation of dental surgeons, regarding priorities etc.

Dr Saman: My message to future dentists is to have a
reality check! This is very important. Think before getting into this field.
Many people are blinded by the fact that they will start earning millions the
moment they get degree, but that’s not like it. It will take time and hours of
hard work and struggle to make name for your own self as a dental professional.
So you need to understand what it really takes. Don’t do it for just financial
stability, because there is not much of that. But that is something that goes for
every career option!

So always follow your passion and the result will
become obvious. Do things that make you stand out! Try to be one in a million.

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