Postdoc position in developmental biology at IST Austria

The group of Anna Kicheva at IST Austria is looking for outstanding postdoctoral candidates interested in working on tissue growth control during vertebrate development. Candidates with background in developmental, cell or molecular biology are encouraged to apply.

The Kicheva group studies how cell diversification and tissue growth are controlled during development to produce organs with correct final sizes and pattern. Current research topics in the group include: control of tissue growth and morphogenesis in the neural tube and notochord, formation and interpretation of morphogen gradients, coordination between patterning and growth. We work with mouse and chick embryos, as well as with embryonic stem cells and organoids. The group collaborates extensively with biophysicists to interpret data in the context of rigorous mathematical models. We offer students and postdocs opportunities to obtain experience with diverse techniques and work in a vibrant interdisciplinary environment. For more information, visit

Qualified candidates are expected to have completed a PhD in developmental biology or related discipline and have a proven competitive research track record. Self-motivation, excellent communication skills and very good command of English are also required.

Applicants should send their CV, motivation letter and contact details of 3 referees to

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