4 New Ways to Solve Old Beauty Problems

Looking good won’t only boost your confidence, but can make you feel healthier as well. Many people in today’s society live busy lives and want their beauty routines to be as quick and efficient as possible.

Men and women in the 1800s had to spend hours applying products to achieve the level of beauty they desired. Now, we can use fewer products to get stunning results more conveniently and safely. Discover new ways to solve beauty problems of the past.

1. Remove Body Hair Pain-Free

Whether you’re simply shaving your legs, or want your body to be hairless from head to toe, using the right products can make a world of difference.

Using the wrong soap or shaving cream with your razors can cause you to develop painful red bumps all over your skin. Waxing can also be extremely painful and cause your skin to become inflamed.

That’s why many people have been turning to pain-free hair removal methods, like trimmers. These blade-free devices trim your hair to microscopic lengths, eliminating the risk of cutting yourself or developing bumps. Brands like Finishing Touch and Braun continue to create new products and reinvent the razor.

If you’re looking for a method somewhere in between a razor and a trimmer, laser hair removal may be a good option for you. While you may discover slight discomfort after treatment, it’ll permanently remove your hair in just a few weeks.

2. Achieve the Perfect Eye Look in Seconds

Makeup has come a long way since the ancient Egyptians’ days when they used paint and ash on their face. New products are continuously being invented to make it easier to achieve a look that lasts all day or makes your face appear slimmer.

Eyeliner is one of the most basic steps of a makeup routine, and many women strive to achieve the perfect winged look on each eye. However, getting them to look exactly the same can be a struggle.

As a way to solve this problem, many companies have created stamps that will give you the same size wing every time.

3. Get Glowing, Tan Skin Safely

Having beautifully bronzed skin is seen as one of the most attractive features to have – especially in the summer. You can’t go to the beach or pool without seeing someone trying to get a tan.

After years of people laying out in the sun with minimal to no sunscreen, dermatologists started realizing how dangerous an extensive amount of sun exposure is. In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology found that one in five Americans develop skin cancer.

Thanks to modern technologies and research, a large variety of self-tanning products are now available. These include creams, foams, and sprays that are offered in multiple different shades. They’re long-lasting and allow you to get your ideal glow without having to soak up harmful UV rays.

4. Protect Your Oral Health Without the Chemicals

A beautiful smile is a great thing to have and often means that the rest of your mouth, and even your body, is healthy as well. From brushing your teeth consistently, to visiting your dentist periodically, practicing proper oral care will ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy and attractive.

If you’re health-conscious and prefer to avoid cancer-causing chemicals but still want a gorgeous smile, finding a dentist who practices biological dentistry is key. Dr. Rebecca Steinbach recommends using dental products that are fluoride and BPA free.

Beautiful Results Without the Consequences

Efficiency is key in the 21st century, so it’s essential to know what products and methods to use to achieve the best version of yourself. Whether you choose to simplify your makeup routine with eyeliner stamps or get tan skin in minutes, you can now achieve beauty without pain or negative long term effects.


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