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Textiles from Human Cells for Replacement Vessels, Tissues, Organs

Scientists at University of Bordeaux/French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) have developed a completely new biological material, made using human fibroblast cells, that can be turned into sutures, vascular grafts, and many other medical devices and tissue replacements.

They showed that their Cell-Assembled extracellular Matrix (CAM) can be turned into yarns of different strength, flexibility, and to have various other characteristics. These yarns can be used as sutures, but also to create artificial vessels and other devices for implantation. Because these yarns are similar to those used in clothing, the same types of machines can be used to weave and knit them into all kinds of medically useful things.

The material, which is high in collagen, can be mass produced, and it shouldn’t be rejected by the body when used as part of implants. So far this is all in the laboratory stage, but tests on animals are on the horizon once the researchers refine these textiles a bit more.

Study in journal Acta Biomaterialia: Human textiles: A cell-synthesized yarn as a truly “bio” material for tissue engineering applications

Via: Inserm

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