Artificial Intelligence Weekly – Issue #146: A Decade of Transformation in Robotics – Feb 6th 2020

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A Decade of Transformation in Robotics

As robots move from our imaginations into our homes, offices, and factory floors, they will become the partners that help us do so much more than we can do alone.


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In The News

I Know Some Algorithms Are Biased—because I Created One

As a first-year graduate student, my advisor asked me to create a machine-learning algorithm to analyze a survey sent to United States physics instructors about teaching computer programming in their courses.

Dopamine and temporal difference learning: A fruitful relationship between neuroscience and AI

Meanwhile, in close contact with this study of reward learning in animals, computer scientists have developed algorithms for reinforcement learning in artificial systems.


New humanities-led network will put social justice at the heart of AI research

The Ada Lovelace Institute and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) have today launched JUST AI, a network of researchers and practitioners, led by Dr Alison Powell from LSE, that will establish a multidisciplinary research base around ‘just AI’ – AI that is ethical, works for the common…

Google researchers release audit framework to close AI accountability gap

Researchers associated with Google and the Partnership on AI have created a framework to help companies and their engineering teams audit AI systems before deploying them.

Applied use cases

Going deep on deep learning with Dr. Jianfeng Gao

Today, Dr. Gao gives us an overview of the deep learning landscape and talks about his latest work on Multi-task Deep Neural Networks, Unified Language Modeling and vision-language pre-training.

Announcing AI Now’s Data Genesis Program

Machine learning systems are profoundly influenced by the methods of data collections and labelling that are used in their creation.

Artificial intelligence: Does another huge language model prove anything?

This article is part of our reviews of AI research papers, a series of posts that explore the latest findings in artificial intelligence.

Article Smart Society and Artificial Intelligence: Big Data Scheduling and the Global Standard Method Applied to Smart Maintenance

In this context, it is possible to implement a complete procedure that defines the process parameters based on HR experience and statistical data, in which empirical cases enable node identification in the implemented artificial neural network (common variables related with different processes),…


How Microrobots Will Fix Our Roads and Save Us Billions

Swarms of microrobots will scuttle along beneath our roads and pavements, finding and fixing leaky pipes and faulty cables.

Robotics firms continue to forge partnerships, collaboration with customers

Companies developing robotic systems across different vertical markets continue to announce partnerships and collaboration agreements to expand the use of robotics systems to address a variety of problems.

AI Helps Warehouse Robots Pick Up New Tricks

Geoffrey Hinton and Yann LeCun, who shared this year’s Turing Prize with Yoshua Bengio for their work on deep learning, are among the AI luminaries who have invested in, a startup developing AI technology for warehouse bin-picking bots.



We are standardizing OpenAI’s deep learning framework on PyTorch.
As part of this move, we’ve just released a PyTorch-enabled version of Spinning Up in Deep RL, an open-source educational resource produced by OpenAI that makes it easier to learn about deep reinforcement learning.

Univ. of Washington President Ana Mari Cauce joins AI2’s board to build on Paul Allen’s legacy

University of Washington President Ana Mari Cauce has joined the board of directors for the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, forging an even closer connection between two of Seattle’s premier research institutions.

How to solve 90% of NLP problems: a step-by-step guide

After reading this article, you’ll know how to: Gather, prepare and inspect data Build simple models to start, and transition to deep learning if necessary Interpret and understand your models, to make sure you are actually capturing information and not noise

With Google’s Meena, are AI assistants about to get a lot smarter?

This week, a new paper from Google AI showed that a chatbot based on a gigantic neural network and huge amounts of data can hold coherent conversations, maintaining context over multiple turns and conversing on just about any topic.

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