pardon my asking but how did you end up working on the newsweek science team and then transitioning to vox? (i'm looking to go into science journalism so i'm curious, but if you don't want to answer that's cool!)

Re: This post on the shark article that got tons of click $$$ for Newsweek

Hi! In Septemberish of 2017 Newsweek EXPLODED in staff hirings. IDK how many people joined throughout the company but the science team went from one person to 10 people. I was one of them. 

Then in Februaryish of 2018 the company exploded again, but this time in more in the way of, “oh god everything’s on fire and there is shrapnel flying through the sky, the support beams have collapsed, I’m trying to keep my guts inside my abdomen but I’m so cold, tell my wife I love her” and so on and so forth. Everyone is still really confused as to how the company is still alive.

Most people at Newsweek quit in the following months, and the science team was back down to one writer (me.) I was at this huge, empty bank of desks that wasn’t near any other team and I was genuinely getting ready to paint a face on a beach ball and call it my best friend. I tried every approach to make things better at the company but then I had an epiphany one day and decided I wanted to feel alive instead of like a content-mining robot and there was no reconciling that, so we parted ways. 

I didn’t transition anywhere per se, more like I’ve been applying to a bunch of jobs and freelance opportunities and gigs for like a year and a half since then, and I had a gig doing SEO for VOX. Then they needed someone to do social media and they already knew me so I’m doing that as a part-time, possibly temporary thing. My gig isn’t writing but I like it anyway. I also do a regular column at Ripley’s Believe it or Not! and some other random stuff.

Anyway I do generally love talking science journalism! I have a sci-jo section in my FAQ’s and my Twitter has a higher percentage (maybe 50%) of that kind of content so if you prefer that platform anyway follow me there! I haven’t done as much writing as I wanted to since leaving Newsweek (sigh) but, you know. I put my Ripley’s stuff there, pitch calls for National Geographic, plans to attend the National Association of Science Writers Conference. I can totally answer some questions and point you to some resources if you don’t find them on my FAQ or Google. 🙂  

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