how did you receive a letter from luka? he doesn't have mail ban?

RE: Uncensored Letters from Luka 

It took a while to figure out, I feel like every prison has a different method of contacting inmates, and it’s never the same as the last prison. (I remember it took time over MONTHS before I figured out how to talk to this guy who met someone through a program for people with autism, and then killed him.

I went through a media page on the Port Cartier website and went through a process of requesting to speak with Magnotta. 

I didn’t think that I would get it because part of their rules and regulations says they only grant interviews on several conditions, including:

“the offender has not demonstrated a prior pattern of glorification of the offence” 

Later I got an email saying my application was approved, but Magnotta pretty much always turns down media requests. 

Then another person outside the prison (presumably a friend of his) emailed me saying that I can talk to him if I send a letter to a certain address. That worked. 

I don’t know what this “mail ban” is, I don’t know if that’s really a thing that Canadian prisons just do to inmates. Sounds like it would violate their rights. What I do know is that people on these Luka Magnotta theory websites just make up a bunch of random nonsense and you shouldn’t take what they say at face value unless they present real evidence.

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