Face Lifting in Bald Male Patients: New Trends and Specific Needs

Aesthetic surgery has recently become popular also among men. The ever-increasing number of bald men wishing to undergo facial surgery represents a challenge for the surgeon, as the scars cannot be hidden in the hair and must therefore be as short as possible. The authors present their experience in face lifting in bald male patients and propose an innovative technique to handle the skin excess to achieve practically invisible scars.
A 10-year observational study was carried out on 68 bald male face-lift patients. All patients underwent deep plane lifting with a specific method for handling skin excess. This technique is the innovation presented in this article. Subjective and objective methods were used to evaluate the results. The well-known FACE-Q questionnaire was sent to all the patients together with an explanatory letter. Three ad hoc questions were added to the questionnaire to assess the degree of satisfaction with the scars. The objective method involved the evaluation of preoperative and postoperative photographs by a three-member jury. The average follow-up period was 12 months.
All patients showed a high degree of satisfaction with the final appearance of the surgical scars and appreciation of the overall quality of the result, 1 year after face-lift surgery. No patient expressed regret about choosing to undergo this type of surgery. Very high scores were registered for the overall facial appearance and for the various critical areas examined, including scars, from patients and experts alike.
The face-lifting technique for bald men proposed by the authors, involving a peculiar and innovative way of handling the skin excess, has proven to be reliably effective in obtaining virtually invisible scars.

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