Variations in Care for Breastfed Infants Admitted to US Childrens Hospitals: A Multicenter Survey of Inpatient Providers


Studies have revealed an association between hospitalization of breastfed infants and weaning posthospitalization. It is unknown what steps inpatient providers at children’s hospitals are currently taking to support breastfeeding mothers of hospitalized infants, their comfort providing breastfeeding counseling, and what training they receive.


We conducted a multicenter survey study of pediatric providers who care for infants hospitalized at 3 urban, tertiary-care children’s hospitals over a 12-month period. A convenience sample of nurses, residents, and attending physicians agreed to participate. Participants completed a 24-question questionnaire addressing provider practices, comfort with breastfeeding counseling, and previous breastfeeding education. Data were summarized as medians (interquartile ranges) and frequencies (percentages). Kruskal-Wallis and 2 tests were used to compare between provider types.


A total of 361 out of 1097 (33%) eligible providers completed the survey: 133 (21%) nurses, 166 (45%) residents, and 62 (63%) attending physicians. Provider practices varied by provider type. We observed a general trend that providers do not routinely review breastfeeding techniques, directly observe feeds, or use standardized breastfeeding assessment tools. Residents and attending physicians were more likely than nurses to feel comfortable with breastfeeding counseling (P = .02). Residents were more likely than nurses and attending physicians to have received breastfeeding education in the last 3 years (P < .001).


Practices, comfort, and previous education varied by provider type. There was a general pattern that providers do not routinely perform certain practices. Further studies are needed to determine if inpatient provider practices affect weaning posthospitalization and if inpatient quality improvement initiatives will help mothers continue breastfeeding posthospitalization.

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